Advantages of Manufactured Homes or Modular Homes

What Are the Advantages of Owning a Manufactured Home or Modular Home?

Modern multi-part factory built homes, whether built to HUD or modular building codes, are commonly called double wide or triple wide and are built on a chassis system that allows transport to the building site. Certified installers setup and finish the home on site. In most cases, both our manufactured and modular homes are set on permanent foundations.

Speed of Construction – factory construction allows building and site work to be completed simultaneously, reducing overall completion schedule.

Indoor Construction – assembly is independent of weather, which increases work efficiency and avoids damaged building materials due to weather or other site conditions.

Favorable Pricing – Marlette is a large-scale manufacturing plant that gets favorable pricing on lumber and other construction materials. The cost of a well built and finished home delivered to your site starts at about $50 per square foot.

Remote Locations – homes built in a factory close to materials and labor reduce both time and cost and allow transport of a nearly complete home for final site assembly. As needed, home designs can be customized to local building codes or site conditions, such as increased snow loads.

Low Waste – popular floorplans are being constantly built, and so the manufacturer has records of exactly what quantity of materials are needed for a given job. While waste from a site-built dwelling may typically fill several large dumpsters, factory construction generates much less waste.

Flexibility – we custom build every home to your exact specification, down to every light switch and roof truss. No two homes are alike.

High End Features – wood-frame floors, walls and roof from high quality materials. Homes can also include brick or stone exteriors, granite countertops and steeply pitched roofs to give you that “residential look” without the higher cost of site construction.

Financing – manufactured homes can be financed like real property or combined with the land into a traditional mortgage. One advantage of keeping the finance separate is that it can often leave your land unencumbered by a mortgage if you use home-only financing. We work with great lenders that can give you some innovative options.



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